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28 calendars
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  • Lahti
    Wall calendar XL / 295 x 520 mm NewLahti
  • Madrid
    Wall calendar L / 240 x 420 mm NewMadrid
  • Manchester
    Wall calendar XL / 380 x 580 mm NewManchester
  • Rotterdam
    Wall calendar L / 295 x 420 mm NewRotterdam
  • Copenhagen
    Wall calendar L / 295 x 420 mm NewCopenhagen
  • Munich
    Wall calendar L / 295 x 420 mm NewMunich
  • Basel
    Table calendar S / 150 x 200 mm NewBasel
  • Stuttgart
    Table calendar S / 150 x 200 mm NewStuttgart
  • Innsbruck
    Wall calendar M / 210 x 294 mm NewInnsbruck
  • Seattle
    Wall calendar L / 240 x 420 mm NewSeattle
  • Bruges
    Wall calendar L / 240 x 420 mm NewBruges
  • Helsinki
    Wall calendar L / 240 x 420 mm NewHelsinki
  • Venice
    Wall calendar L / 240 x 420 mm NewVenice
  • Stockholm
    Wall calendar L / 295 x 420 mm NewStockholm
  • Riga
    Wall calendar L / 295 x 420 mm NewRiga
  • Nida
    Table calendar S / 300 x 125 mm NewNida
  • Tartu
    Table calendar S / 300 x 125 mm NewTartu
  • Montreal
    Wall calendar M / 210 x 294 mm NewMontreal
  • Bremen
    Table calendar S / 200 x 150 mm NewBremen
  • Sydney
    Wall calendar L / 295 x 420 mm NewSydney
  • Lille
    Wall calendar L / 295 x 420 mm NewLille
  • Paris
    Table calendar S / 300 x 125 mm NewParis
  • Marseille
    Wall calendar M / 150 x 420 mm NewMarseille
  • Chicago
    Wall calendar M / 210 x 294 mm NewChicago
  • Geneva
    Wall calendar M / 280 x 420 mm NewGeneva
  • Dublin
    Wall calendar L / 295 x 420 mm NewDublin
  • Oslo
    Wall calendar XL / 380 x 580 mm NewOslo
  • Porto
    Table calendar S / 150 x 200 mm NewPorto


Printed wall or table calendars have not lost their significance in our digital era as well – they can still be found almost at any home and workplace. The manufacturers of calendars are sure about that as well, offering really impressive range of the most diverse calendars. This means that everyone, who finds it important, can choose the calendar that they like most.

However, when searching for the correct calendar, you do not have to limit yourself to the offer of publishing houses alone – nowadays everyone can create their own, personalised calendar and that is exactly what we, Picture Happy, provide! If you wish your calendar to be unique and especially tailored for your needs, take a look at our offer!

Calendars for All Tastes

You can select various types of calendars - table and wall calendars of different size, type and design. Select the type that best suits you home environment or on the table of your work premises!

Irrespectively of what calendar you are going to choose, it can be supplemented with photographs that you like. These photo calendars not only will help you remembering your current plans, but also retrospect excellent, heart-warming memories all year long!

Pay attention to several factors, when selecting the type of the calendar – not only the design solution of the calendar, but its size and available options. Namely – before selecting a calendar, you should decide, what size of calendar you need and what functions will it serve. Depending on calendar type, it can be available with name days, information on moon phases and public holidays, an option to add text comments, as well as text and images in the dates, an option to highlight a date with special decorations, etc.

Furthermore, photo calendars are an excellent solution not only at your own home or work – they also can serve as an excellent and original gifts! It must be mentioned that calendar printing provides for an opportunity to select the required number of calendars – create a calendar and order as many copies of it, as required!

When the most appropriate type of calendar is selected, its creation can begin! We have taken care to ensure that this process is as simple as possible – select photos that will decorate every page and give way to inspiration, while compiling your unique calendar! When everything is done, and after a repeated check, whether everything looks as you have intended, it is time to process the order! You will receive your calendar shortly and will be able to enjoy the result.

High Quality and Excellent Service

Our printed calendars not only attract attention, they are also durable, practical and convenient to use. The production of calendars is performed only by using high quality raw materials and high resolution printing, thus ensuring the best result. Considering different requirements of our customers, we offer to choose print level (very good and best) – thus, the creation of the calendar is implemented in accordance with individual needs of every customer.

Make your daily life brighter, create a personalised photo calendar – a table calendar with photographs of people you love will better motivate you at your workplace, while a colourful wall calendar at home will definitely inspire you to plan your time more efficiently and will not let the most important moments of your life go to waste!