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Standard photo prints

Everyday low prices for high quality standard photo prints! Affordable and easy to order!

10 x 15 cm 0.12 EUR 0.085
0.10 EUR 0.081
12 x 15 cm 0.12
15 x 20 cm
15 x 21 cm
15 x 22.5 cm
20 x 30 cm 0.85
  • Price per 1 print. Prices given with VAT included.
  • Prices - for internet orders only.
  • We do not do manual cropping of photos that are ordered via internet, cropping should be done by user.

Precise dimensions of prints

10 x 15 cm ---- 102 x 152 mm
12 x 15 cm ---- 114 x 152 mm
15 x 20 cm ---- 152 x 203 mm
15 x 21 cm ---- 152 x 210 mm
15 x 22.5 cm ---- 152 x 228 mm
20 x 30 cm ---- 203 x 305 mm

Superior quality photo prints

For photo printing we operate a fleet of Fujifilm photo laboratories and its special archival high quality photo paper.

Fujifilm minilab

4 steps to make your order

Step 1. Create your Picture Happy account.
Step 2. Upload your photos.
Step 3. Prepare your order with our online ordering tool.
Step 4. Submit your order and make a payment.

Take full control of your order with our online prints ordering tool

Choose matte or gloss finish. Add white or black frame.
Choose cropping: manual, fit-in or fill-in.

Online tool screenshot: Screenshot