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What is Canvas...

Generally canvas is a cloth on which artists paint their paintings. Before they do, they stretch canvas on a wooden frame until it is firm and then start painting.

Now Picture Happy offers you to make your pictures look like real paintings, using canvas.

Different sizes

Canvas are available in different sizes. As a standard offer we have 16 sizes that are always in our stock. Check section "Prices and sizes" for more information.


In the interior canvas can be used also in combinations, as example, instead of one large canvas, three smaller sizes can be used thus creating different feeling in the room.

There is also option to divide one photo into several canvas frames. if you are interested in this option, please contact us via e-mail:info@picturehappy.ee

Picture Happy Canvas - photo on canvas cloth stretched on wooden frame.

At first, the photo is printed with high photo quality printing equipment on canvas cloth. Then canvas cloth is stretched and attached to specially made wooden frame. As the result, printed photo is like painting, it gets dimensional and lively, delivering pleasant emotions to viewers.

Canvas - stylish element of interior

Canvas is a very effective way for giving interior wished accents to achieve desired mood in the room. Strength of the accent will vary depending on size and quantity of canvas, its contents and their location in the room.

Original gift

Canvas will be an interesting and original, even positively surprising gift for friends, loved ones, even colleges at work or business partners.


Choice of photos to use on canvas is not limited. You can choose your own photos or there is an option to purchase photos of different other photographers that are available in many photo galleries on internet. Prices for photos in internet galleries are different, but as an affordable options we recommend to visit following galleries: pexels.com, unsplash.com, pixabay.com.