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Canvas cloth

For creation of canvas, a special canvas cloth is being used. It is produced specially for this purpose, to be overprinted and stretched on frame. The cloth is quite thick therefore enables durability.

Print and colors

Printing of canvas is made with a special printing equipment that ensures very high photo quality for base and half tones colors. The color gamut of print is very wide and can ensure great result depending on photography - brightness of colors, smooth gradients of half tone colors, deep black and white halftones.

Canvas Canvas


After printing, the process follows with cutting and stretching the canvas on the wooden frame. To have stretching in quality way, the photo has to cover also all the sides of canvas, therefore it has to be 2.5 to 3 cm longer to each side. During stretching, canvas are fixed to frame with metal staples.

Wooden frame

The canvas frames are special. They are produced from branch-less wood with a special corner connections. This ensures correct angles and strength, and really helps prevent bowing and distortion over time. For larger canvasses we use internal strengthening bars. The depth of canvas frame is 2 to 2.5 cm.

Mounting on wall

We recommend 3 different ways to mount canvas on the wall:

1) for small frames - with one nail in the wall. Hang canvas, so nail is in the middle of canvas top edge.

2) for large frames - with two nails in the wall. Make sure that both nails are be leveled.

3) for small and medium frames - with one nail in the wall. Attach a string on back of canvas with help of nails or screws. Then hang canvas with help of the string on the wall.

These are only some of the options. Anyone is free to mount their canvas with their own method.