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Guest books Elegance

Guest books that are matched to your special event.

Guest books ELEGANCE are characterized by exquisite grace. They are ideal for wedding, birthday and anniversary celebrations. The fine details of the cover creates a taste and a sense of elegance. We present a choice of kinds of covers to choose from, to suit the mood and color of your special day. Prices starting from 26.90 EUR Choose your guest book
  • Lux
  • Lux Pearl
  • Lux Bow White
  • Lux Bow Magenta
  • Lux Bow Chocolate Brown
  • Lux Bow Coral Orange
  • Lux Bow Dark Blue
  • Lux Bow Customer's own ribbon
  • Cream Bow
  • Cream Ribbon
  • Snow Ribbon White
  • Snow Ribbon Magenta
  • Snow Ribbon Chocolate Brown
  • Snow Ribbon Coral Orange
  • Snow Ribbon Dark Blue
  • Snow Ribbon Customer's own ribbon
  • Lace Pearl
  • Gold Crystal
  • Lace Ribbon None
  • Lace Ribbon White
  • Lace Ribbon Magenta
  • Lace Ribbon Chocolate Brown
  • Lace Ribbon Coral Orange
  • Lace Ribbon Dark Blue
  • Lace Ribbon Customer's own ribbon

Elegant and beautifully chic guest books to choose for your special occasion.

  • 9 kinds of covers

    Elegance line offers 9 different kinds of premium quality covers. All covers are padded and most come with some special embellishment - beads, crystal, ribbon or bow.

  • Covers with colorful ribbons

    The Lux Bow, Snow Ribbon and Lace Ribbon covers offer 5 elegant colors of ribbons to choose from.

  • Customer's own ribbon

    There is also an option that customers can provide their own ribbon for 3 kinds of covers: Lux Bow, Snow Ribbon and Lace Ribbon.

  • Professionally bound

    Guest books are hand made and they are professionally bound using strong PUR binding. All guest books come with Vanilla color endleaves.

  • Special matte paper

    Guest books come with white Pro Matte high quality paper. It is specially designed for easy writing with pen and pencil.

  • 60 pages for well wishes

    All guest books come with 60 pages to write or draw your best wishes. There are several designs of inside pages available.

  • Designs of inside pages

    We offer several design options for inside pages. The standard is the clean one with empty pages, without any printing. However, we offer stylish embellishments also for inside pages.

  • Designs of first page

    By default first page design is the same as other inside pages. Yet, there is an option to choose different design to write the title and date of particular occasion.

7 designs for inside pages and 8 designs for first page. You decide your guest book.

Inside pages don't always have to be blank in guest books.

With ELEGANCE guest books you decide how the inside pages will look in your guest book as we offer several design options for your choice. Remember, all pages will be with the same design.

First page can be different in guest books.

By default, the first page in guest book will be the same as other inside pages. However, we offer a feature to turn it into a cover page where you can write down a title and date of a particular event.