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Terms of Use

The terms of use of are mandatory to follow to every registered user of PH Print home page.

1. Services. offers following Service to its Users - to create personal User Account where user can store his/her personal photos, review and organize them, create and order photo prints and different personalized photo products.

2. Registration.

At the time when you have created PH Print User Account, you fully agree and accept these Terms of Use. This acceptance will serve as legal agreement between User and PH Print Ltd (PH Print is owned by PH Print Ltd). PH Print reserves all the rights at any time to make amendments to these Terms of Use without prior notice. PH Print is not obliged to inform Users about implemented amendments. Amendments take effect immediately after the publication in home page. After registration User on his/her Account receives 2.5 GB space at for storing personal digital photos free of charge.

3. User E-mail and Password.

At the time of registration you have to provide active e-mail address you have access to and create your password. After you have filled registration form and applied for User Account, you have to activate the Account to start using it. Activation is done by clicking on a link which is sent to provided e-mail address. User is responsible for strength and confidentiality of entered password at registration.

4. Conditions to keep User status.

User has to observe and act in compliance with these Terms. If User acts against these Terms, PH Print has the right to deny access of User to the Service and erase User's Account.
User, to keep PH Print Account including provided space, uploaded photos and created projects, has to make at least 1 order of any photo product during every 6 months.

If User does not comply with given conditions for any reason, PH Print has the right to deny access of User to the Service and erase User's Account with all its uploaded and created content.

5. User created Content.

The Service allows User to store his/her uploaded digital photos, order photo prints, create and order photo books, calendars, canvas and other photo products offered on It is prohibited to use Service to process and store content that is illegal according to EU legislation. PH Print reserves the right to act without limits to eliminate illegal content in its home page.

6. Storing digital photos.

Always store your original photo files on your personal computer. Do not use PH Print Service as the only place to store your original photo files. With agreeing to these Terms you agree that PH Print is not responsible for lost photo files or other losses in your User Account.

7. Privacy.

Proceed to section Privacy.

8. Gift Certificates.

Gift Certificates are available with nominal of 15 EUR, 25 EUR and 35 EUR. Gift Certificates can be cleared only through PH Print home page Whole or unused part of nominal of Gift Certificate will not be paid back in money or exchanged to other Gift Certificate. Unused balance of Gift Certificate is stored in User's Account on, as a credit which can be cleared only through PH Print home page, and will not be exchanged for money.

If order's total amount is higher than available balance of Gift Certificates you would like to pay with, you have to choose extra payment method to cover the difference. Gift Certificate will not be restored in case it is lost, stolen or damaged. It is the responsibility of owner to keep its Gift Certificate safe and not to disclose unique code to other persons.

9. Order fulfillment and payment conditions.

All prices given with VAT included. Order fulfillment is started only after payment is received:

  1. if order is paid with bank money transfer, the payment date is calculated as date when payment is received in PH Print bank account
  2. if order is paid with bank payment card, the payment date is the same date of order placement.

If paid with bank money transfer, User must show the order-invoice number in the money transfer. If there is no payment received for placed order, we keep the order in system for 30 days. Within these 30 days or until the order is paid, PH Print has right to send reminders to User's e-mail. If order is not paid after 30 days, it will be cancelled.

10. Delivery.

All products ordered in PH Print home page will be delivered to User by third party courier companies. There are different delivery methods available, depending on ordered product type and destination address. If User has not received an order within 21 days since it was shipped out, he/she should contact PH Print via e-mail stating the order number.

11. Disputes.

The solution to all disputes that arise between PH Print and Users of based on these Terms of Use, will be resolved in both parties discussion. If disputes are not solved in discussion, those will be solved according to legislation of Republic of Latvia.

Claims about product content are accepted within 14 days of receipt of the product. Claims about content will not be processed after this deadline.

12. Handling and processing of additional requests

These are requests that include any changes that are to be made to order after its completion.
For handling and processing of such requests in addition to the amount payable of the order you will be charged a handling fee of 6 EUR.

Additional requests include:
change of delivery method,
change of delivery address,
changes in urgency of order production time,
money reversal operations,
cancellation of already paid order, and reassignment of payment to the next order,
and other operations that are requested outside the normal ordering procedure.

13. Changes in Terms of Use

PH Print reserves all the rights at any time to make amendments to these Terms of Use without prior notice. PH Print is not obliged to inform Users about implemented amendments. Amendments take effect immediately after the publication in PH Print home page