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Giftbox Box Cute

A very cute and convenient way to gift a calendar or book.

The giftbox looks very elegant and modern. It is made of a solid coloured carton with a special nacre effect - a perfect choice for giftboxes. The Box Cute is available in 5 different tones and comes together with round sticker for closing.

The sticker design: available in red or white depending on giftbox tone with snowflake design theme.

Gift box
Box Cute

  • It is made of high quality solid coloured carton with a special nacre effect.
  • Simple and reliable closing mechanism.
  • Comes with specially designed round sticker for a closing and great final look.
  • Available in 5 beautiful tones and 3 different sizes.

Choose the right size for you and add it to the Shopping Cart.
Price shown for 1 item, VAT included.
Comparision of Box Cute giftboxes:
ProductIdeal fitCan use also forSize
CUTE Large Photobooks:
Calendar types:
--- 220 x 290 mm
CUTE Medium Photobooks:
Calendar types:
--- 210 x 210 mm
CUTE Wide Calendar types:
--- 140 x 300 mm
For information on stickers: 
There are 6 different designs of snowflakes. There is no option for user to choose exact design as it will be chosen randomly. Condition exists that white sticker goes together with Box Cute™ Red. The red sticker goes together with all other tones.