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Giftbox Elegant Classic

An elegant box for gifting and storing photo books.

This box is an excellent solution for gifting needs and for safely storing your photo books at home. It makes handing of the photo book as a gift to receiver very convenient and it will look greatly elegant.

Furthermore, storing your book in the box will keep it from getting shabby and covered with dust.

Elegant Photo

Specially designed giftbox for 10 x 15 cm photo prints.

Made the same quality way as Elegant Classic, just different size to perfectly fit 215 photo prints in size of 10 x 15 cm for elegant and stylish gifting.
Elegant gift box

Gift box

  • It is made of solid, sturdy cardboard and covered with an elegant decorative material.
  • It has a metal clasp to ensure a strong and safe closing.
  • The special design of the gift box allows you to insert a book in it with an incredible ease.
  • Available in a classically elegant colors.

Choose your preferred color and add it to the Shopping Cart.
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Comparision of Elegant giftboxes:
Product Ideal fit Can use also for Size
ELEGANT Classic Photobooks:
Calendar types:
240 x 310 mm
ELEGANT Photo Photo prints:
10 x 15 cm
--- 120 x 160 mm
Can place:
215 prints
ELEGANT Photo Double Photo prints:
10 x 15 cm
12 x 15 cm
15 x 22.5 cm
Photo prints:
15 x 20 cm
15 x 21 cm
240 x 175 mm
Can place:
10 x 15 cm,
12 x 15 cm:
250 prints

15 x 20 cm,
15 x 21 cm,
15 x 22.5 cm:
125 prints

Giftboxes Elegant Classic

Elegant Classic

Giftboxes Elegant Photo Double

Elegant Photo Double

Giftboxes Elegant Photo

Elegant Photo

Elegant Gift Boxes for More Beautiful Surprises

If you plan to present a photo book or photo prints as a gift, an appropriate gift box will be a good way of wrapping and presenting them. Not only they look good, but they are also practical, because they are a convenient way of storing photographs and photo books.

Gift Boxes for Photo Books

Gift boxes for photo books are an elegant accent that will be appreciated by any recipient of such gift. When ordering a photo book, select an appropriate gift box and you will no longer need to worry about gift wrapping - the photo book will be ready to be presented!

However, even if you have ordered a photo book for yourself, a gift box is an excellent way of protecting the book from dust and getting worn out.

Gift boxes are made of hard and durable cardboard and covered with decorative material. The boxes have metal clasps, ensuring tight and safe closure of the box. The gift boxes are specially designed for the storage of photo books, therefore they are made in matching sizes. Not only several sizes, but also colours are on offer - select the most appropriate and add it to your shopping cart!

It is worth mentioning that these gift boxes are perfectly suitable for presenting calendars. If you wish to surprise a close to you person with a personalised calendar, but are short of ideas of how to present it, an elegant gift box will definitely become the right solution.

Gift Boxes for Storage of Photo Prints

We also offer gift boxes for the storage of photo prints. Not only they look good in the shelf, but also ensure that the photographs are not lost or worn out. Photo prints wrapped in such box may become an unforgettable and stylish surprise for your celebration!

Like gift boxes for photo books, these boxes are also available in different elegant colours. Meanwhile their sizes match photo prints of 10 x 15 cm, 12 x 15 cm or 15 x 22.5 cm sizes. Depending on the type of the selected box, they may contain 125 to 250 photo prints.

Elegant Photo boxes are made of durable cardboard and covered with elegant decorative material. They have secure metal clamp that will ensure that the photographs are always in their intended place.

The gift boxes for photo books, calendars and photographs offered by us is an excellent solution either for the presenting or for the storing of the gift. Select the most appropriate option - experience enhanced joy of gift giving and special photo moments!