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Photo book Bella 29 x 28

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Photo book Bella


Cover: 290 x 280 mm
Inside pages: 284 x 274 mm


Standard Gloss 150g, glossy silk paper with natural white tone. Arctic Semimatte 150g, semi matte paper with natural white tone. premium look and feel.


Hard cover binding with PUR adhesive. From 24 to 150 pages thick.


photo Photo Cover nature Sage White Cumin Charocal Seaweed Mustard Moss Cloud Old Rose Midnight Silver Marine

Prices and options

photo nature
Base price
Covers, 24 pages, A print level, Standard Gloss.
Papers Pay extra / per book Pay extra / per page Standard Gloss - 0.42 0.60 Arctic Semimatte 1.40 2.00 0.46 0.65
Print levels Pay extra / per book Pay extra / per page A print level - - A+ print level 5.60 8.00 0.42 0.60

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