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Photo book


15 x 15

Designed to tell great stories beautifully compact and easy.

Price from  14.00 EUR

Make a book
-10% on all photo books. Code: BOOKS10

    A perfect book for your Instagram photos


    Instagram ready

    It's square shaped, just like Instagram photos used to be :) Your photos will look amazing! Plus, add photos directly from your Instagram account.


    Covers with design motives

    Made of premium high density cardboard. Comes with cut and see through design motives for your mood or occasion.


    Easy to take along

    The INST photo book is quite compact, just at 15 x 15 cm in size it is very convenient to quickly take it with you anywhere and share moments with others.



    Every INST photo book comes with INSTbox that is included in price. It is a specially made box where to keep your INST book.

    Gallery of ideas

    The #INSTbook is a little yet very stylish photo book for many occasions or a place to physically store your cool moments captured by digital camera.

      Covers and cover groups

      The #INSTbook covers are available with a range of cut through design motives. Beautiful, and right for the mood.


      With each INST photo book you get a nice box for your book - #INSTbox. It is a great help for convenient storing and quick gifting. The #INSTbox comes with same cover design motives printed on the boxes, yet not all designs are available for #INSTbox.

        Product description

        Photo book INST 15 x 15


        150 x 150 mm
        Inside pages:
        148 x 150 mm
        Covers with spiral:
        160 x 150 mm


        Standard Gloss 300g
        Icewhite Matte 340g
        Lustre Shine 260g


        Bound with black spiral. Easy to open and page through the book.
        From 36 to 56 pages thick.


        High quality digital offset printing with HP Indigo printing presses.

        Print levels

        A print level:
        CMYK (Standard option)
        A+ print level:


        Made of high density design cardboard. Back covers are always in black. Comes with laser cut-through design motives.
        Available cover groups: ORIGINAL, PASSION.


        Tailored gift boxes are available:

        Prices and options

        Photo book INST 15 x 15

        original passion
        Base price*
        14  EUR 15  EUR
        Pay extra / per book
        Pay extra / per page
        Standard Gloss
        0.00 EUR
        0.25 EUR
        Icewhite Matte
        2.00 EUR
        0.30 EUR
        Lustre Shine
        3.00 EUR
        0.40 EUR
        Print levels
        Pay extra / per book
        Pay extra / per page
        A print level
        A+ print level
        3.00 EUR
        0.20 EUR
        Pages in book
        min  36
        max  56
        min  36
        max  56

        * Covers, 36 pages, A print level, Standard Gloss, Original giftbox.
        All prices shown in the table are base prices that does not include any discounts.
        All prices are with VAT included.